Monday, February 05, 2007

Time to Unplug

Well my dear Chicago Bears really tried, and screwed up in doing so. But enough of sports.

It seems that I have been constantly attached to my craptop(my laptop with a broken heat sink)for the last week. I have been constantly checking my e-mail(s), browsing sites for information, reading other blogs, and press releases that relate to gaming.

Before I give further details on my unplugging, here is my personal gaming recap of the day. I already posted that I beat "Resistance", so I need to pick another title in my library to start. I did play a great deal of the original "Legend of Zelda" yesterday as well as "Super Mario Brothers". Man I still can't believe that those games are over 20 years old. According to my Wii Yesterday(Saturday), I played a total of 1 hour and 43 minutes under the daily accomplishments. Today(Sunday) there was not much gaming going on, only 35 minutes. This was of course due to the Super Bowl.

So I think today, Monday I am going to completely unplug. Well sort of unplug. I watch my daughters as my wife works the graveyard shift at the hospital and sleeps during the day.

Here is what I am not going to do:

  • Check my e-mail.

  • Turn my computer on(Yeah it's Monday as of this posting, but this is the end of my day).

  • Do anything Internet related(Except talking to Jim, some cool things on the horizon....shh).

Here is what I AM going to do:

  • Do my medical coding studies so I can get this course done with in 4 months.

  • I WILL play video games, when I have done enough studying.

  • Pick up my latest Stephen King book, "Lisey's Story"(It's a slow start kind of book).

  • Take a nap when the kids do, because hey, I'm unplugged.

Well it's almost 1 am in Chicago, so it's bedy bye time. Night Night!

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so do you work????