Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sony Will Present PS3 At CES 2006

Sony has decided to acquire the central stand at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) that will take place in January next year in Las Vegas. Ok...that would seem rather normal...except for the fact that the stand will have 12,000 sq. feet (aprox 3660 square meters). That's a lot. Time to take away the X360 thunder.

This is the time my friends for those who have been eagerly awaiting some sign of the PS3 in our future. I just hope they keep they name as PS3 and not give it another name.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Nintendo DS Price Cuts at Target

For $99 dollars this December you'll be able to pick up a Nintendo DS at your local Target store. A remarkable price for a remarkable system! Don't be a loser and ask your mommy for a PSP this Christmas.

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Sony CEO Reveals Playstation 3 Price

The CEO of Sony , Sir Howard Stringer, has revealed the Playstation 3 price range. According to the article the CEO claims Playstation 3 will be in the same price range as the Xbox360, $300-$400.

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Xbox 360s Crashing Like Mad?

There appear to be increasing reports of Xbox 360s crashing even with games running on default settings. Could this be an early sign of serious defects or a problem between the gamepad and chair?

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Man robs EB store at gunpoint! WTF!

A Stafford, Virginia, Electronics Boutique store was the scene of an armed robbery this morning. According to sources, the perpetrator made off with two Xbox 360 systems, forcing the store manager to hand them over at gunpoint.

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Heroes pull woman from Xbox blaze

An Anglesey woman was pulled unconscious from her house by two strangers after succumbing to smoke generated by a faulty Xbox.

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BF2 1.12 Update Available

The latest Battlefield2 update is available from EA. (1.12) Please post links to mirrors or torrents in the comments.

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Tired Thumbs - Episode #39

We cover the movies and the last remaining XBOX 360's

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Storm is Rising

PS3 and Blueray, XBOX 360 trying to make friends with everyone, ahh the Karma. While this post is not a podcast but more of a rant I just want to say that we are going to see a MAJOR battle not only on the console front, but on the Media front, ie; Blueray, HD-DVD. And DVD.

The first battle of course is going to be the console battle which Microsoft will launch it's first attack after gobble day later this month, with the PS3 stumbling in early next year, and Nintendo doing something FANTASTIC to clean up. The XBOX 360 of course will take the first strike as it is going to be the first next gen console to hit the streets with it's beautiful graphics and what not. The PS3 may pave a new way with it's proprietary Blueray format, which would mean in my opinion that backward compatibility will be gone and they will shoot themselves in the foot.

And Nintendo......ahhhhh Nintendo. For a system that will likely see the light of day sometime this summer it has it's ducks in a row. Essentially it will have a Game Cube built in, as well as the ability to download games from the NES, Super Nintendo, and the Nintedo 64. And when I say a Game Cube built in, I mean it will be backward compatible not only to Gamecube, but compatible to the 1980's("Dr. Mario Anyone????").

So here are my predictions as to the winners: In first place the XBOX 360, Second the Nintendo Revolution, and trailing in third due to a foot wound due to being shot there due to Blueray is the PS3.

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, if I'm right then I did my homework and get a gold star.

What are your predictions??