Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Onto My Next Conquest

Ok, so I finished "Resistance", so now I have been playing with "God of War and I have to say...WOW.

This might be a bit of a spoiler, but I can't help but mention it. After you kill the Hydra on the ship in the opening level there is a cut scene at the end of it that shows naked woman. Lets further that there is a sex mini-game where you receive red orbs by correctly hitting the buttons in sequence.

This reminds me of a little game called "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" and the "Hot Coffee" mod that allowed players to do what you do in "God of War". Rockstar got so much flack for it, why hasn't Activision gotten the same treatment, it just doesn't make sense. If you're going to wave your finger at someone for doing something wrong and not the other, than that's plane profiling. What do you think?
So Jim sent me a copy of "The World Series of Poker" for the Wii, and it wouldn't be so bad if the difficulty levels were not so apparent during game play. The only way to REALLY enjoy the game is on the Hard difficulty setting. I recommend you take a look at it if you have a chance.

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