Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Old School

So we talk a lot about games on the show and articles that we post. But I feel that movies, and music also play a part in small way. Movies and music give game developers the ideas that we see when we play the latest Grand Theft Auto or Halo. These two things, music and movies influence the way we play and interpret games.

So anyway I DVR'd "Old School" during the Super Bowl, well because I was watching my Chicago Bears getting nailed by the Colts(Next state over). As I was a part of the way through watching the movie the news station cut in with coverage and the only way to switch to the movie was going to their digital channel which is cable only and not sattelite.

But man this is a funny movie, it's a must rent if you want to laugh your ass off. But of course not for the kids.

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