Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ok! So I Nuked My Site!

Ok! So heres the deal. About a day or two ago I accidentally nuked my Word Press site, and now we have moved temporarily to blogger again.

If you are seeing this then it means you are ok, because I have re-pinged the feed to point to here for the time being.

Starting Monday December 18th, the show will be on. Expect a show every day with a brand new trick.

If you don't have a news aggrigator, you might want to get one. Here are two popular applications: Feed Demon and NewsGator.

So here is a re-cap for those of you playing at home. There will be daily shows starting Monday, December 18th, and I will be posting game stories to the site here.

We will again try to get a new Word Press site going, but for now we are back on blogger which is at, so there you have it. If you want to send a story in, then e-mail me one at tiredthumbs [at] gmail dot com.

I look forward to being back and operating. If you see this then I have re-directed you.

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