Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Triumphant Return

All moved in! The Internet is working! I'll be back for the next podcast :) I can't wait to hear Charlie's review of Nintendogs, especially since I'm probably going to buy it with my next paycheck. I've been waiting so long I can't STAND it!

Lets take a little poll: Should I spend my money on:
1. Nintendogs (and a DS to play it on)
2. World of Warcraft
3. Final Fantasy XI

I will actually purchase whichever one wins. How about that? YOU CAN MAKE ME SPEND MY OWN MONEY!! How sick is that? I deserve a present, no?


Charlie George said...

I thought you owned World of Warcraft already?

a.gorilla said...

nintendogs is a 3 day joy. then the fun is gone. its still worth it to get a DS for games like Advance Wars or the upcoming Castlevania. But if the ONLY game you want now is nintendogs then you may want to wait.